Alter Translations


These are our most common services. Please consult us if you require any other services.


We provide translation services in over 30 languages. Our specialty areas are medicine, biology, marketing, engineering, and legal documents. We recognize that every translation project is as unique as its author. We work closely with our clients to make sure the products we deliver meet their needs.

Document Design and Format

We can assist in the design and formatting of your documents. Taking translation issues into consideration while drafting documents can considerably reduce overall time and costs. This is particularly true of large projects and those involving several languages.

Formatting, Layout, and DTP Work

When translating into other languages, some graphics and images in your documents may need to be modified. We can create or mirror multilingual versions of your documents, even in cases involving non-Western and bi-directional languages. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Russian are all languages with which we have broad experience.

Worldwide Printing and Delivery through the International Printing Network

Your documents can be printed at or near your affiliate's location. This means worldwide local printing, which saves time and money.

Proofreading and Editing

Many times, you will require a second opinion regarding a previous translation or may want to have it edited. This could include backtranslating a document to the original language for review.

Tips for creating a successful global training program

  • Ask a language service provider for input.
  • Follow basic text guidelines.
  • Use compatible platforms (usually Word and PowerPoint).
  • Avoid format problems.
  • Keep file size under control.
  • Provide and ask for feedback.
  • Have your translations done by a single provider.
  • Plan ahead, and don't leave decisions to the last minute.
  • Participate in the process and provide input.
  • Pay attention to industry trends.