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About Alter

Alter maintains operation centers in the United States (Miami), Canada (Ottawa), Ecuador, and Venezuela. Our staff consists of native speakers of all target languages and includes certified physicians, engineers, lawyers, training and education professionals, and a large number of linguists and translation specialists. Our highly skilled staff is well equipped to handle both small and large-scale projects, all at very competitive rates.


  • Project managers dedicated to ensuring each project is handled appropriately.

  • A worldwide net of native speakers (each professional translates into his/her native language) specialized in one or more of the fields we cover.

  • Detailed feedback and quality control procedures designed to ensure translated documents meet your specific needs. Using a carefully developed process, we "certify" a group of translators to match your requirements.

  • Alter's secure website has been designed to allow you to upload and download files confidentially and easily. This is not an FTP site; this is a site designed to allow you to communicate with us within a friendly interface very much like this page. Translators, DTP artists, and project managers from all over the world can collaborate on and organize your projects in one place. Your company will have separate and exclusive folders to allow you to interchange files with us at any time and from anywhere in the world.
ALTER Translation Services

Requesting a translation is like having a suit tailor-made: You are not buying a finished product. It has to be adapted to your particular style.